What Is The Core

When we hear the word ‘core’, we associate it with something of great importance.  It’s the central part of a far larger body.

It binds together the various components in a structure, allowing it to function properly.

Image of the inner core
Inner Core – click to enlarge

‘The Core’, in relation to human anatomy, refers specifically to the middle part of the body. The torso. The trunk.

The core muscles are contained within the diaphragm, which separates the chest cavity organs from the abdominal cavity organs directly below, and the pelvic floor muscles right at the bottom.

I like to think of the diaphragm as a canopy, with the pelvic floor as a kind of hammock holding up the pelvic organs.

In terms of whole-body stability, movement and balance, there is much more to the core, of course, like the spine and the torso, as well as the minor core muscles, and connective tissue, etc.

The muscular components within our core help stabilise our whole-body movements.

A list of all the muscles of the core
Muscles of the Core

This site focuses on major core muscles.

But we will also touch upon other parts of human anatomy and physiology (i.e. parts of the body and how they do what they do, in plain English, ha-ha) in relation to the core as content within the site grows, so please stay tuned!

an image of the outer core
Outer Core – click to enlarge

Thank you for reading and see you again very soon!