Fixing Diastasis Recti – A Review Of The MuTu System

MuTu System 12 Week Program Review

Heal Diastasis Recti With MuTu System

Price: DVD – £103. Online Program – £79. Kit Bag – £31.

A note – MuTu is priced in USD, so these prices are subject to change according to the USD/GBP exchange rate 

Owner: Wendy Powell 


Who Is It For: Mamas with core issues – get your medical care provider to clear you for exercise.


The MuTu System 12 Week Program is a complete postnatal recovery coaching program for Mummy Tummies (MuTu – get it?). It incorporates exercise as well as dietary suggestions.

MuTu System - Online Training Program Designed For mums
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According to the MuTu System website, it is the natural way to heal Diastasis Recti. A complete makeover program to help combat the mummy tummy, heal the core and pelvic floor, get strong and fit, thus boosting body confidence inside out.

The program is endorsed by an impressive number of experts in the field of core rehabilitation, passionate about core wellness and function.

Wendy’s site has a whole page dedicated to medical reviews, and for me, reading through this page, and following the links to the experts’ sites, and reading their work, digging up more resources than I could go through – all about core function wellness and rehabilitation… this was the clincher that got MuTu my custom.

I felt like I was in good hands with such stellar endorsements of the program from real, easily approachable people.

MuTu Pros Vs. Cons

MuTu System Pros

  • Immediately available if you purchase the online version.
  • Videos are downloadable, as are ‘cheat sheets’ of each exercise sequence, so you can save and use as is convenient to you.
  • Short and to the point. A core exercises workout routine lasts less than 10 minutes.
  • In spite of the fact I felt like I’d die while working out (I was in DIRE shape!), and taking it at my pace, I felt an obvious improvement of my pelvic pain in just 3 weeks of doing daily core exercises. I went from hobbling after a one mile walk, to no pain whatsoever in 3 weeks – I was amazed. I had to carry on, it felt great to feel stronger.
  • The whole site is an awesome resource library. It is well populated with a good range of articles and videos on core issues – so that by the time you’ve read a few, and watched a few, even before committing to a program, you have a pretty good idea of what your core status is like.
The Awesome Resource Library
awesome resource library
    • Passion. Just watch Wendy in action. Her Facebook live videos reveal just how much she cares about this subject, and the people she’s set out to help.

  • Honesty and total transparency in terms of limitations, seeing as MuTu is purely a fitness product, and not a medical one. But Wendy also has the medical bit covered with recommendations and lists of core system medical specialists across countries…..
  • ….And great advice on when it would be imperative to seek them out (spoiler – persistent pain is a major indicator). This is a big one for me, as I bolstered and lived with pain and discomfort for far too long, and kinda still do – I’m working on it. I know for a fact many women do too – it does not have to be like this, please seek help!
  • The details of what you need in terms of preparing yourself so you understand the program fully, right from the beginning, primes you for success. Wendy covers everything from shoes (she is a fan of barefoot shoes), to worksheets and journals, to the science of the core and alignment -all in layman’s terms, easy to understand.
Alignment picture
  • A community of MuTu Mamas, a private members forum where questions are asked and answered, where issues are discussed, notes and experiences are shared, member recipes are shared, support and encouragement are offered in abundance, makes the journey to core health with MuTu as far from lonely as possible. There is always a MuTu professional available to help too.
  • Access to all of the above is available to you FOREVER, as long as the site exists. There are no time limits to rush through – you can go at your pace with this progressive program. I’m only just coming to the end of it, having started in February.
  • Last but not least, any updates added to the program are available to users that signed up prior to the updates. The world of research changes constantly, so it’s a lovely bonus that any updated information is available to program users constantly.

MuTu system  Cons

  • I’m hard pushed to find any real disadvantages with this program, so this small list is purely personal to me.
  • It’s a minor point, but it bothered me at first, that the price is set in USD, and the content is massively geared towards the US consumers. But I get it, the American market is huge, and Wendy’s main collaborator (an amazing one, at that!) is US-based, and once I got to know the content, I got over my issues and focused on the positives. Because ultimately, it does not matter really, does it?
  • I found the modifications of the core exercises I had gotten used to quite intimidating. Ditto the addition of the intensive exercises, and then the modifications that accompanied them, as I progressed through the program. I needed to talk myself into continuing, and not giving up, because then my core wouldn’t heal. I stuck to the first two core workouts for a long time, kept telling myself it was all about the progress, and not perfection.
  • Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Not a real con point, as we’re all different, but please do keep in mind that results will vary and are not guaranteed, in which case, it might be better to consult with a Core Wellness professional for a way forward. Do not just give up on yourself.
  • No Facebook group you guys. I love me a Facebook group! Having said that, the MuTu Mamas Forum is awesome, even though it takes some getting used to at first.
  • Food. I found the suggestions a little too prescriptive. But please, do not be put out by this – there is nothing wrong with MuTu Food, nothing at all. I’m on a personal food journey with Intuitive Eating, so I’m rebelling a little (okay, a lot), about being told what to (or in this case, what not to) eat. Hence, if I was to start over, I’d probably go for the program without food recommendations.
  • Now, I know MuTu is very focused on mamas, from pregnant to newly postpartum, to many years postpartum, but is it any good for others outside of this exclusive group? Yes it is. Although, the brand is directed towards mamas, if one can look past that, and is cleared for exercise by their health care professionals, it is worth checking with Wendy and her team for more information, but I see no reason why others with core dysfunction cannot benefit from the MuTu System 12 week program. And not just women, men as well.

Get a core and pelvic floor that work

I think it is very clear that I’m a fan of the MuTu System. I like the company ethos, I like their honesty and transparency. I like that the owner, Wendy, is contactable and is responsive to questions and avails herself to many through various forms of media. I like that the passion Wendy has for helping people is obvious and apparent in her communications – written and spoken, as well as in her actions, as per this post here.

Have you used the MuTu System? What do you think of it?

And if you have not, what are your initial thoughts? Would you buy their program?

As always, thanks for reading, and if you’ve any comments or questions, please share them below.

Till next time,


MuTu System Core Healing Program

MuTu System Core Healing Program

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    Ease Of Access




        Support From Owner








                Medically Endorsed


                  Confidence Boosting





                      • Value For Money
                      • Affordable
                      • Easily Accessed
                      • Well Explained
                      • Easy To Understand
                      • Owner Support
                      • Community Support
                      • Awesome Resources
                      • Achievable
                      • Medically Endorsed


                      • Priced In USD

                      19 thoughts on “Fixing Diastasis Recti – A Review Of The MuTu System”

                      1. This is something that is going to have a lot of practical usage in my everyday life. I’m 55 and am just now experiencing bladder weakness. I realize it’s pelvic floor weakness. This is something I can really use

                        1. Hi Lisa,

                          Bladder weakness (urinary incontinence?), may well be caused by pelvic floor weakness Lisa, and it might be worth getting checked out. There are better alternatives than living with it. I know there’s a lucrative industry in incontinence products these days, but if we can help ourselves just with physical therapy and specialised core exercises, then surely that’s the better option?

                          May I suggest you have a look at The Tummy Team‘s website for more info. They are a fab physical therapy team that can help you assess where you are at, so you can decide on the next step forward – be it buying a core targeting exercise program like MuTu, or another alternative.

                          Hope this helps!


                      2. What a great post about the MuTu Pros & Cons. I am so happy with your transparency and telling us your mind about this program.

                        My wife will love this natural way to heal Diastasis Recti. A complete makeover program to help combat the mummy tummy, heal the core and pelvic floor, get strong and fit, thus boosting body confidence inside out.

                        You are doing a great job here and I know many of your readers will love this program tool.

                        1. Hi Benson,

                          Thanks for stopping by!

                          Yes, MuTu is fantastic for helping restore a dysfunctional core – deffo share with your wife! Hey, why not suggest she comes and reads the blog too? 😉

                      3. Hi Jacquie, I’m a male. I have spoken to a lot of women who have talked about their weight experience after child birth. Never heard of the MUTU System, but after reading your article this sounds like something that would be helpful to women who are concern with the mummy tummy.

                        All the best to you,

                        1. Hey Don, tanks for your comment!

                          Not that all women experience Diastasis Recti, but yeah, for most, even without the weight, the core weakness makes their tummies look distended like they are still pregnant.

                          MuTu is just one of the brilliant programs out there that helps restore core function, hence the reason I’m spreading the word about it 🙂

                      4. Hi Jacquie, I am not a mama but have a mama’s tummy, would this be any good for men? 🙂 I had to a quick search on google to find out what Diastasis Recti was so pleased that its only a female problem which is probably why I had never heard of it. If it is just as common in the UK as in the US is there any certification you can do to start a practicing group over here?

                        Keep up the good work and never give up.


                        1. Hi Geoff,

                          I would go as far as saying, yes, this program would be excellent for men, if they are dealing with core dysfunction as a result of Diastasis Recti.

                          I know we call it ‘Mummy Tummy’, but it really isn’t exclusive to mummies only – in fact, athletes are the second largest group of people that suffer with DR due to incorrect training.

                          Maybe ‘beer belly’ should be another nickname for it, ahahaha!

                          Yes, I’m working towards certification. It’s a very common problem, yet not given as much thought as it should be, but there is work going on to make assessment of it available on the NHS.

                          Thanks for encouragement – not giving up just yet! 🙂

                      5. Excellent review, you covered a lot of criteria regarding mutu system. Anyone can suffer with this health issue. This will surely will help those who want to be fit and strong. Wendy is very elegant and clear in her speech in the video, which I liked. I like that I can also try this mutu system, being a man. Thank you very much for your wonderful review

                        1. Thank you so much Muthu, and yes, I agree, Wendy is very elegant and clear in her speech – makes the message very clear.

                          And yes, DR does not choose according to gender, and anyone can get it, and MuTu can help.

                      6. Very interesting article. I have never heard of this program but have a few friends that suffer from this issue. I will give it a look and share with my mommy friends. Maybe this is an option they have not yet considered. I honestly thought surgery was the only corrective option. If there is a non surgical way to correct this issue I am sure most women (or men) would want to try it first.

                        1. Hi Misti,

                          Thanks for stoping by. Yes, MuTu is one of a few brilliant programs out there fantastic for core rehabilitation. I too thought surgery would be the only real option when I first heard of diastasis, but the more I read, the more I realised there were other options much more effective and better than surgery.

                          Yes, surgery will close the gap, but it does nothing to strengthen the structures affected by diastasis, such as the Linea Alba, and the weakened corset muscle, the Transverse Abdominis.

                          So please yes, spread awareness amongst your friends, there are better, non-invasive alternatives!


                      7. This is the first time I read about the MuTu system and your review is pretty persuasive!
                        I’m the type of woman who’s not perseverant, when it comes to workout… But as you’ve well described, Wendy is helpful and trustworthy, while the Mamas Forum could be a way to compare and ask for advice when needed (especially someone unstable and lazy like me).
                        Great review Jacquie, thank you!

                        1. Rahel, I promise you, when your body is crying out for intervention, you do what you need to do to get and feel better, aha.

                          I’ve been lazy too, with life getting in the way, but I know that when I don’t do the exercises for a while, I feel worse – especially with my back and hips – so I need these exercises to feel better. I’m so glad I have the program forever, aha, so I can come back to it as needed.

                          I really must do the whole program from beginning to end though…

                          Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated!

                      8. I have been trying to get to to know this MuTu system better as my wife has been talking about it.

                        I think it’s something worth the try. The food thing got me a little though. You said it sounds more prescriptive than anything else, but it seems good to me.

                        I don’t think my wife is upset with that part. She can be a rebel (just like you). But I’ll talk her into being completely “religious” with it so as to benefit from it, I think.

                        Do you recommend any substitutes for the meals? Maybe I could use that to make it less punishing for her, (even though I hope she follows with the program’s diet) just for the fairness’ sake?

                        1. Hi Dave,

                          I’m so glad your wife knows of the MuTu program!

                          Honestly, there is nothing at all wrong with the food recommendations, I just happen to be on my own healing journey where food is concerned, and prefer to carry on with my intuitive eating ways. I’m pretty sure your wife will do what feels right for her – encourage and support her in her choice.

                          I cannot offer any alternatives to the meals, as there is nothing wrong with them at all – MuTu recommends a diet free of processed foods, and they do so progressively throughout the course, so that the changes are not drastic and unsustainable. There is nothing punishing about the plan whatsoever, that is not at all Wendy’s style, as it would not fit in with the confidence boosting ethos of MuTu. Like I said, I’m on my own food journey, hence not doing MuTu Food right now, but I may well implement the suggestions with my next MuTu Cycle (as I do want to do it as is).

                          Hope this makes sense, please carry on chatting is anything isn’t clear.


                      9. Hi Jacquie,

                        Your MuTu System Review is very interesting. This is first time I hear about MuTu.

                        I am glad to know this program for mommies who delivered their babies recently and also years ago and seeking for alternative natural methods to heal Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor.

                        Wendy’s speech is very clear in the video and gets to the point in promoting MuTu System.

                        I like how this program provides members to share their experiences, get in touch each other and improve their healing process as well as MuTu professionals helping along the way if there are any questions. It seems like a well organised community supporting and encouraging each other and offering the help to each other.

                        Thank you so much for your passion to help other people by writing about the core and sharing your experience as well.


                        1. Hi William,

                          Thank you for your comment. Yes, the MuTu community is superb, and very helpful towards members. 

                          I appreciate your stopping by, thank you!

                      10. Very thorough and convincing review. I am reading about the MuTu system for the first time. Wendy’s message is right on point. Although I am not one of the mamas needing to use this system, I know of others who could do well with it. I will share the information with them.

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