Fixing Diastasis Recti – A Review Of The MuTu System

MuTu System 12 Week Program Review

Heal Diastasis Recti With MuTu System

Price: DVD – £103. Online Program – £79. Kit Bag – £31.

A note – MuTu is priced in USD, so these prices are subject to change according to the USD/GBP exchange rate 

Owner: Wendy Powell 


Who Is It For: Mamas with core issues – get your medical care provider to clear you for exercise.


The MuTu System 12 Week Program is a complete postnatal recovery coaching program for Mummy Tummies (MuTu – get it?). It incorporates exercise as well as dietary suggestions.

MuTu System - Online Training Program Designed For mums
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According to the MuTu System website, it is the natural way to heal Diastasis Recti. A complete makeover program to help combat the mummy tummy, heal the core and pelvic floor, get strong and fit, thus boosting body confidence inside out.

The program is endorsed by an impressive number of experts in the field of core rehabilitation, passionate about core wellness and function.

Wendy’s site has a whole page dedicated to medical reviews, and for me, reading through this page, and following the links to the experts’ sites, and reading their work, digging up more resources than I could go through – all about core function wellness and rehabilitation… this was the clincher that got MuTu my custom.

I felt like I was in good hands with such stellar endorsements of the program from real, easily approachable people.

MuTu Pros Vs. Cons

MuTu System Pros

  • Immediately available if you purchase the online version.
  • Videos are downloadable, as are ‘cheat sheets’ of each exercise sequence, so you can save and use as is convenient to you.
  • Short and to the point. A core exercises workout routine lasts less than 10 minutes.
  • In spite of the fact I felt like I’d die while working out (I was in DIRE shape!), and taking it at my pace, I felt an obvious improvement of my pelvic pain in just 3 weeks of doing daily core exercises. I went from hobbling after a one mile walk, to no pain whatsoever in 3 weeks – I was amazed. I had to carry on, it felt great to feel stronger.
  • The whole site is an awesome resource library. It is well populated with a good range of articles and videos on core issues – so that by the time you’ve read a few, and watched a few, even before committing to a program, you have a pretty good idea of what your core status is like.
The Awesome Resource Library
awesome resource library
    • Passion. Just watch Wendy in action. Her Facebook live videos reveal just how much she cares about this subject, and the people she’s set out to help.

  • Honesty and total transparency in terms of limitations, seeing as MuTu is purely a fitness product, and not a medical one. But Wendy also has the medical bit covered with recommendations and lists of core system medical specialists across countries…..
  • ….And great advice on when it would be imperative to seek them out (spoiler – persistent pain is a major indicator). This is a big one for me, as I bolstered and lived with pain and discomfort for far too long, and kinda still do – I’m working on it. I know for a fact many women do too – it does not have to be like this, please seek help!
  • The details of what you need in terms of preparing yourself so you understand the program fully, right from the beginning, primes you for success. Wendy covers everything from shoes (she is a fan of barefoot shoes), to worksheets and journals, to the science of the core and alignment -all in layman’s terms, easy to understand.
Alignment picture
  • A community of MuTu Mamas, a private members forum where questions are asked and answered, where issues are discussed, notes and experiences are shared, member recipes are shared, support and encouragement are offered in abundance, makes the journey to core health with MuTu as far from lonely as possible. There is always a MuTu professional available to help too.
  • Access to all of the above is available to you FOREVER, as long as the site exists. There are no time limits to rush through – you can go at your pace with this progressive program. I’m only just coming to the end of it, having started in February.
  • Last but not least, any updates added to the program are available to users that signed up prior to the updates. The world of research changes constantly, so it’s a lovely bonus that any updated information is available to program users constantly.

MuTu system  Cons

  • I’m hard pushed to find any real disadvantages with this program, so this small list is purely personal to me.
  • It’s a minor point, but it bothered me at first, that the price is set in USD, and the content is massively geared towards the US consumers. But I get it, the American market is huge, and Wendy’s main collaborator (an amazing one, at that!) is US-based, and once I got to know the content, I got over my issues and focused on the positives. Because ultimately, it does not matter really, does it?
  • I found the modifications of the core exercises I had gotten used to quite intimidating. Ditto the addition of the intensive exercises, and then the modifications that accompanied them, as I progressed through the program. I needed to talk myself into continuing, and not giving up, because then my core wouldn’t heal. I stuck to the first two core workouts for a long time, kept telling myself it was all about the progress, and not perfection.
  • Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Not a real con point, as we’re all different, but please do keep in mind that results will vary and are not guaranteed, in which case, it might be better to consult with a Core Wellness professional for a way forward. Do not just give up on yourself.
  • No Facebook group you guys. I love me a Facebook group! Having said that, the MuTu Mamas Forum is awesome, even though it takes some getting used to at first.
  • Food. I found the suggestions a little too prescriptive. But please, do not be put out by this – there is nothing wrong with MuTu Food, nothing at all. I’m on a personal food journey with Intuitive Eating, so I’m rebelling a little (okay, a lot), about being told what to (or in this case, what not to) eat. Hence, if I was to start over, I’d probably go for the program without food recommendations.
  • Now, I know MuTu is very focused on mamas, from pregnant to newly postpartum, to many years postpartum, but is it any good for others outside of this exclusive group? Yes it is. Although, the brand is directed towards mamas, if one can look past that, and is cleared for exercise by their health care professionals, it is worth checking with Wendy and her team for more information, but I see no reason why others with core dysfunction cannot benefit from the MuTu System 12 week program. And not just women, men as well.

Get a core and pelvic floor that work

I think it is very clear that I’m a fan of the MuTu System. I like the company ethos, I like their honesty and transparency. I like that the owner, Wendy, is contactable and is responsive to questions and avails herself to many through various forms of media. I like that the passion Wendy has for helping people is obvious and apparent in her communications – written and spoken, as well as in her actions, as per this post here.

Have you used the MuTu System? What do you think of it?

And if you have not, what are your initial thoughts? Would you buy their program?

As always, thanks for reading, and if you’ve any comments or questions, please share them below.

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