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When we talk about exercise here, we talk about movement, done with love, and thought on how it might be affecting our bodies. Exercises geared towards healing one’s dysfunctional core should be taken with caution, and from experts that are specialised in this category of fitness. In my experience, these experts are far and in between, but there are more and more available, as time goes on.

Many physiotherapists, fitness instructors, and personal trainers do a prenatal and postnatal component during their training, however, in my experience as a postnatal client attending their clinics for treatment, and their classes for exercises, I’ve found that they have glossed over the subject but not studied it in the detail required to support a damaged core and restore core function. I have had to stand up for my body during exercise classes, by not doing movements popular to tackling the belly – planks and sit-up crunches. This includes Yoga and Pilates classes as well. High impact classes in particular have been very clearly unsuitable for my core (ahem, postnatal urinary stress incontinence), so I have had to skip the lively, fun classes, like Zumba, for now.

Fortunately, we do not need to forever stay away from these exercises. A healed core, and an owner armed with knowledge and understanding of it’s functions can use this knowledge to use in regular fitness classes, modifying exercises to suit, while activating their core muscles efficiently through out to stay safe.

There is a movement of physiotherapists, fitness instructors and personal trainers that are dedicated to helping rehabilitate broken cores, going further with their training and research into this, really getting into the crux of prenatal and postnatal health and fitness, as well as issues pertaining to dysfunctional cores for all. We will keep adding these to our resources page, so please keep checking. And thanks to the technology we have today, one can still have access to these healing treatments and exercises, along with expert care, knowledge, and peers with similar issues to support, encourage, and share experiences with. All at the touch of a button.

Keep your eyes on the bonus – once the core is healed and stronger, and you are armed with specialist knowledge on how to modify the no-no exercises, you can go out there, enjoy moving about with the little people in your life, doing fun activities you love safely and with confidence. It can be done. It is the reason we are here talking all about the core.

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