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I don’t do diets.

Reference to diet today can be restrictive, punitive, shaming, and guilt-inducing.

Having tried a plethora of diets, from calorie-restricting, to fat avoidance, to raw vegan, to paleo, I stopped in early 2014, when I fell pregnant while on the paleo diet. Incidentally, at the same time period, a friend started a Facebook group in order to explore Intuitive Eating, and alongside a special group of girlfriends, I started on my journey to *Diet Recovery.


For me, there couldn’t have been a better time. I tend to eat very intuitively during pregnancy.  Eat when hungry. Stop when full. Eat whatever it is you really want – i.e. what your body is asking for. Many call this a craving, and incidentally, many try to go against this, because most cravings, for most, are for ‘bad’ foods. Foods which contain fats, sugars, salt etc., which we have been taught we should avoid. I personally don’t think of these as bad, but we’ve been told for much of our lives how fat, sugar, salt is bad, and how we can still enjoy food without them – thus buying into certain modified foods and drinks instead. This site will explore this more in detail another time.

So anyway, I ate intuitively during pregnancy, while also learning a lot with my friends, sharing food ideas, recipes, tips on how to cook certain foods, showing off our plates of food within the privacy of the forum – it was awesome.

We discussed more than food. We discussed bodies. Bodies of all shapes and sizes, and how so many issues can determine how we feel about our bodies. We discussed the Body Positive Movement, and encouraged each other to please love our bodies, no matter what. And to please feed our bodies. And to please say kind things about our bodies.

I share this here because I truly believe that if we can change our relationship with food, and if we can stop, and consider what we really are hungry for, if indeed we are hungry (sometimes, we are thirsty, and hydration sorts the ‘hunger’ out), we’d feed our bodies what they need. I’m not going to lie and suggest this is an easy feat, because it is not. Especially after many years, and for some of us, lifetimes of being told what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and how often. But it is something to consider. And we are working on adding more content with regard to this right here. Because food is key to healing a dysfunctional core, just like it is to healing other kinds of damage in the body.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey and your introduction to intuitive eating. I really like the concept of this. I really like how you then moved into “diet recovery mode”. I too think that it’s important to think about our bodies in really positive ways. I was wondering what foods in particular you would recommend eating (or not eating)?

    1. Thank you for your comment GBIG!

      It is a process with IE, and the beauty of it in my experience is that the foods I’m most drawn to are the home cooked / home prepared foods I ate as a child and young person.

      There are times though when all I want is a piece of chocolate, or cake, or crisps, and the beauty therein is that I’ll eat that, feel sated, and move on. Nothing is off-limits, nothing is a ‘should eat’, and nine times out of ten, I reach for the home prepared foods.

      I think, lifting off limits where food is concerned, and mindfully choosing what one eats, leads to more enjoyment of one’s food – whatever that may be. All food is food, and as such, choosing to eat it satisfies not only physically, but also psychologically, and even spiritually.

      And because there are no feelings of guilt, which then lead to self-punitive cycles of deprivation, and negative self-talk, one develops a healthy relationship with food, and that spills over to how one feels about their body. And when we love, we treat with kindness and handle with care.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this. To intuitively eat can still be difficult with overwhelming food availability we have in our society. However, I think if you intuitively eat while still making choices that consists of whole foods with nutritional value, this method of eating is wonderful.

    I adopted it myself and have never been happier and felt more energized. Love yourself, love your food, and the rest falls into place.

    1. Absolutely that Melissa!

      The joy of IE is that we realise that we actually have a choice. Yes, there are overwhelming amounts of all kinds of foods out there, but that doesn’t mean we HAVE TO eat it if we don’t want to. We might want to though, and we might choose something that looked appealing in its presentation, and we might or we might not like it.

      But to know that it is available, should we want more sets us free to really dig into our intuitive selves and choose what our bodies are really calling for. And a lot of times, that turns out to be something whole, and as close to it’s natural form as possible, in my experience.

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